Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Control

Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Control

TB Prevention and Control - CPP-HR_0210_V1_TB Prevention and Controlrculosis (TB) Prevention and Control

1.0 Objective
To address the stigma attached to TB and to ensure that the worker’s right against discrimination, brought by the disease, is protected. 
To facilitate free access to anti-TB medicines of affected employees through referrals

2.0 Scope
This policy shall apply to all employees regardless of their employment status.

3.0 Provisions

            3.1.1. Conduct of Tuberculosis (TB) Advocacy, Training and Education
                  3.1.1.a. TB education shall be conducted by the Infinit-O in close coordination with the health and safety committee, through distribution and posting of IEC materials and counseling and/ or lectures.
                  3.1.1.b. Engineering measures such as improvement of ventilation, provision for adequate sanitary facilities and observance of standard for space requirement (avoidance of overcrowding) shall be implemented.
            3.1.2. Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Referral to Health Care Services
                  3.1.2.a. The company shall establish a referral system and provide access to diagnostic and treatment services for its employees. The company shall make arrangements with the nearest Direct Observed Treatment (DOT) facility.
                  3.1.2.b. The company’s adherence to the DOTS guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment is highly encouraged.

            3.2.1. The company shall adopt the DOTS strategy in the management of workers with tuberculosis. TB case finding, case holding and Reporting and Recording shall be in accordance with the Comprehensive Unified Policy (CUP) and the National Tuberculosis Control Program.
            3.2.2. The company shall at the minimum refer employees and their family members with TB to private or public DOTS centers.

      3.3. SOCIAL POLICY
            3.3.1. Non-discriminatory Policy and Practices
                  3.3.1.a. There shall be no discrimination of any form against employees from pre to post employment, including hiring, promotion, or assignment, on account of their TB status. (ILO C111)
                  3.3.1.b. Workplace management of sick employees shall not differ from that of any other illness. Persons with TB related illnesses should be able to work for as long as medically fit.
            3.3.2. Work-Accommodation and Arrangement
                  3.3.2.a. Agreements made between the company and employee’s representatives shall reflect measures that will support workers with TB through flexible leave arrangements, rescheduling of working time and arrangement for return to work.
                  3.3.2.b. The employee may be allowed to return to work with reasonable working arrangements as determined by the Company Health Care provider and/or the DOTS provider.

            3.4.1. The company shall provide access to Social Security System and Employees Compensation benefits under PD 626 to an employee who acquired TB infection in the performance of his/her duty.

4.0 Responsibility
      4.1. Employer’s Responsibilities
            4.1.1. The Employer, together with workers/ labor organizations, company focal personnel for human resources, safety and health personnel shall develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the workplace policy and program on TB.
            4.1.2. Provide information, education and training on TB prevention for its workforce.
            4.1.3. Ensure non-discriminatory practices in the workplace.
            4.1.4. Ensure confidentiality of the health status of its employees and the access to medical records is limited to authorized personnel.
            4.1.5. The Employer, through its Human Resources Department, shall see to it that their company policy and program is adequately funded and made known to all employees.
            4.1.6. The Health and Safety Committee, together with employees/ labor organizations shall jointly review the policy and program and continue to improve these by networking with government and organizations promoting TB prevention.
      4.2. Employees’ Responsibilities
            4.2.1. The employee’s organization is required to undertake an active role in educating and training their members on TB prevention and control.
            4.2.2. Employees shall practice non-discriminatory acts against co-workers.
            4.2.3. Employees and their organization shall not have access to personnel data relating to a worker’s TB status.
            4.2.4. Employees shall comply with universal precaution and the preventive measures.

5.0 Frequency
      5.1 Annual monitoring should be done with regards to the implementation of this policy

6.0 Distribution
Organization of Safety and Health Committee
Team Members

7.0 Usage
      7.1 Organization of Safety and Health Committee shall monitor implementation of this policy.
      7.2 Management and Team Members shall refer to this policy.

8.0 References
DOLE policy guidelines

9.0 Records

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