Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy



Approval Date



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Y. Rualo

● 3.0

● 4.2

● 5.4

R. Tan


1.0       Objective


To establish procedures for the transfer of an employee team member from one position and/or team to another. 


2.0       Scope 


This procedure covers the transfer of any team member. 


3.0       Provisions  


3.1       It is the prerogative of the Company to transfer a team member to another position or team whenever job vacancies and/or dislocation occur in any unit of the organization as a result of reorganization, manpower movements, expansion, or cessation of account operation. However, transfer shall only be used as an option as it benefits the employee in terms of career opportunities as well as the organization in terms of operational efficiency. 


            3.2       Transfer can either be initiated by the Company or by the team member.


3.3       A team member’s request for transfer may be granted, subject to the assessment by the Department Head and approval by Senior Human Resources and VP-CSG. 


3.4       Transfer may be based on the team member’s PMS results to help them meet their desired career path. 


3.5       Approval for transfer shall be based on the Authority Matrix and procedures for transfer shall be properly observed.

                        3.5.1     Immediate supervisor > Operations Manager > VP-SCG and HR ER head.


3.6       No salary/benefit diminution must occur even if the transfer to a lower-level position is requested by the team member unless the team member has a written request to provide consent for a salary decrease.


            3.7       Team members who are on floating status who will be transferred to another account.



4.0       Qualifications


            4.1       Tenured employees

4.1.1     Must meet KPI scores and not have any escalations or offenses in the last 12 months.

                        4.1.2     Endorsed by Operations (Immediate supervisor and/or Manager)


4.2       Team members cannot be transferred to another account due to various reasons,              including:

                        4.2.1     Dissatisfaction with team members and superiors.

                        4.2.2     Discontent with the schedule.

                        4.2.3     Having friends on another team.

                        4.2.4     Falling short of KPI scores, prompting operations to seek ways to retain the                                      team member.


5.0       Responsibility 


5.1       Team Leader/Manager is responsible for recommending a transfer of any team member to another team.


            5.2       Previous supervisor must initiate the posting request via HRIS.


            5.3       The Department Head is responsible for assessing the recommendation. 


            5.4       HR ER and VP-CSG are responsible for the approval of any personnel movement. 


            5.5       HR ER is responsible for ensuring that there is no salary/benefit diminution. 


5.6       HR-ER is responsible for ensuring that the proper guidelines and procedures are observed when transferring any team member. 


6.0       Operations


            6.1       Internal Transfer/Floating status

                        6.1.1     Previous supervisor must initiate the posting request via HRIS.

                        6.1.2     Immediate supervisor must educate the team member of the new role and                                           responsibility.

                        6.1.3     Manager must provide a copy of the job description.


            6.2       HR ER

                        6.2.1     Provide a transfer letter after the approval of the posting request.

                        6.2.2     Update 201 file with the newly signed Job description.


7.0       Frequency 


7.1       The transfer is based on the qualification or recommendation of the Team Leader/Manager. 


8.0       Distribution


8.1       Human Resources


8.2       Team Member 


8.3       Immediate supervisor


8.4       Manager 


8.5       CSG Vice President 


9.0       Usage 


            9.1       The Recruitment Team makes a company-wide announcement of the vacant position.


9.2       Team Leader/Manager assesses potential team member candidates and recommends     them to the Department Head.


9.3       Team Members may submit their resume and letter of request to their respective immediate superiors and 


9.4       Recruitment Team screens and conducts the initial interview upon receipt of Department Heads approval.


9.5       Team Leader/Manager who manages the team member-applicant submits the  recommendation to the Department Head cc HR. 


9.6       The Department Head reviews and approves the recommendation of the Team Leader. 


            9.7       HR-ER prepares and releases the Transfer Letter with the job description attached. 


            9.8       The Team Member accepts and signs the reassignment letter. 


            9.9       HR-ER files the signed document in one’s 201 file. 


10.0      References 

CPP-HR-0101_V4_Recruitment and Selection

Regularization policy


11.0      Records 


Letter of Intent

Job Description

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