Quarterly Above and Beyond Incentive

Quarterly Above and Beyond Incentive

Quarterly Above and Beyond Incentive (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4)

  • Meant to recognize worthy employees (from all rank levels) with special contributions that matter to clients (external or internal), team-impacting business operations (e.g. for a specific project or task, reinforces the behaviors and values,  development, innovation) or Managers commendation

  • Managers will be responsible in logging the commendation at the IO Commendation  tracker

  • HR will base the rewards from the IO Commendation tracker submitted within the quarter

  • Count of commendation is based on the total number per quarter.

  • For solo incentive, amount will be deposited directly to the employee while the group incentive, will be forwarded to their respective managers






4 and above









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