Mobile/Smart Phone Usage

Mobile/Smart Phone Usage

CPP-HR_0403_V4_Telephone Usage Policy

 M. Martinez
 F. Lenoir

1.0 Objective
The objective of this policy is to set guidelines on the usage of office landline phones, mobile phones with SIM cards issued by the company to selected team members and personal mobile phone / smart phone / tablets / laptops / netbooks of the team members.

2.0 Scope
This policy applies to all team members.

3.0 Provisions
      3.1 Office landline phones are provided to team members who are required to handle calls for their respective accounts.
      3.2 All calls through landline phones in the operations areas must be business related only. These calls are recorded.
      3.3 Personal calls may be made through the common landline phone located at the reception area and at the pantry.
      3.4 HR-Recruitment, PO&T, Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Managers and members of Execom are provided company-owned mobile phones and SIM cards that may have voice and/or data package with unlimited text and voice calls to other company cell phones and the office landline. Any calls charged outside the standard voice and data package must be identified as official calls by tagging each number with the corresponding name of person called. The tagging must be done within two (2) working days after receipt of the copy of the monthly billing statement. All untagged numbers are considered personal calls, thus, shall be charged to the team member through salary deduction. Failure to submit the tagged billing statement within the prescribed time shall likewise be deducted from the salary. ISO Team may perform random audits at any time.
      3.5 Company-issued mobile phones must be turned on at all times to ensure continued communication with team members.
      3.6 HR Recruitment, PO&T, Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Managers and members of Execom who are issued company mobile/smart phones and/or SIM card shall be liable for its damage/loss.
      3.7 Any loss or damage to the issued mobile/smart phone/sim card must be reported within 24 hours to SSP for appropriate action. HR Recruitment, PO&T, Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Managers and members of Execom shall be made liable to any damage/ loss / expense in the case of any unreported incident to the issued mobile/smart phone or sim card.
      3.8 Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the recall of assigned company mobile phones/SIM cards and/or sanctions as indicated in Section 3.9d of Table of Offenses.
      3.9 Personal Smart phones / mobile phones / tablets and laptops of team members are strictly prohibited inside the production areas, meeting rooms inside production floor, and Server Room. Exemptions are to those with approval of client and department head due to operational need, this should be communicated and acknowledged by SSP and PO&T.
      3.10 HR Recruitment, PO&T, Team Leaders, Senior Team Leaders, Managers and Execom are allowed to use the mobile phones issued by SSP in the entire office premises.
      3.11 Mobile phones / smart phones, tablets, laptops and netbooks of team members must be kept in the company assigned locker or given to their respective Team Leads / Managers for safekeeping in the absence of a locker assignment when within the office premises.
      3.12 A team member who is found bringing in personal smart phones / mobile phones / tablets, laptops and netbooks in restricted areas without prior approval as stated in 3.9 in restricted areas will be subjected to disciplinary procedure as stated in the Company Table of Offenses.
      3.13 Only tablets / laptops / netbooks indicated in the client services agreement or required by the clients for use by the team member will be allowed in the production floor during work shift hours while within office and operations premises.
      3.14 Team Leads / Managers have the primary responsibility in ensuring that the policy against mobile phone / tablets, laptops and netbooks are reinforced and followed.

4.0 Responsibility
      4.1 SSP Team is responsible for the application for new phone lines and purchase of new mobile phones.
      4.2 SSP Team maintains the list of assigned mobile phones and/or SIM cards.
      4.3 SSP Team is responsible for applications of new mobile phone lines with the accredited telephone company/provider.
      4.4 SSP Team is responsible in the issuance mobile phones to eligible team members.
      4.5 F&A Team is responsible for implementing salary deductions on unofficial calls that are made and when assigned mobile phone is lost or damaged.
      4.6 It is the responsibility of the separated team member to surrender company issued mobile phones and/or SIM cards to SSP on his/her last working day. The company may hold off processing clearance unless this accountability is settled.

5.0 Usage
      5.1 Recruitment Team must identify which new hire is entitled to get a company mobile phone through the HR New Hire Checklist.
      5.2 For promoted team members, this should be requested by their respective immediate supervisors or department heads to SSP.
      5.3 SSP applies for the new post-paid phone plan and purchases the mobile phone.
      5.4 SSP Team must have this prepared as indicated in the table of benefits / checklist of the incoming employee.
      5.5 SSP team releases the mobile phone or SIM card to the eligible employee using the Accountability Form. A copy will be provided to PO&T to keep such in one’s 201 file and/or the employee’s MyHR profile.
      5.6 SSP will coordinate and endorse the billing statements within two (2) weeks upon receipt to F&A Team which will release the monthly billing statements to company mobile phone holders and request the latter to identify unofficial phone transactions.
      5.7 F&A Team will facilitate deductions for excess usage of the mobile/data plan and identified personal transactions every pay out from the employee’s salary every payout period until all amount dues are settled.

6.0 Frequency
      6.1 Release of assigned mobile phones and/or SIM – upon employment date of an eligible team member or upon promotion.
      6.2 Salary Deductions – monthly
      6.3 Retrieval – on the last working day

7.0 Distribution
Eligible team members
PO&T Team
F&A Team

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