Mental Health Policy

Mental Health Policy

CPP-HR_0213_Mental Health Policy

 M. Martinez
 F. Lenoir

1.0 Objective
      ● To raise awareness and reduce stigma toward mental illness and recognize its impact in our society.
      ● To mitigate mental health issues/concerns that may affect the company, in the form of turnover, absenteeism, poor employee performance, substance abuse, work related accident, workplace violence or harassment
      ● To provide support and address mental health issues to create, promote and maintain a healthy workplace in accordance to the provisions of the Republic Act No. 11036 (Mental Health Act) and Department Order No. 208 (Guidelines for the Implementation of Mental Health Workplace Policies and Programs for the Private Sector).

2.0 Scope
The policy offers support to all Infinit-O employees covered by the Company’s designated HMO provider, notwithstanding employment status (part-time, project based, consultant, probationary or regular) or job level (associate, specialist, supervisor, manager, director or executive) to the following:
      2.1 Awareness and understanding of mental health and its impact in the workplace and the workforce
      2.2 Identification and management of mental health problems that are work-related, including interpersonal issues with supervisors, subordinates, co-employees, clients, and customers.
      2.3 Access to company provided support through, but not limited to:
            a. Mental health coverage under the accredited HMO of the company
            b. Psychosocial services through consultations, counselling or therapy sessions with the company’s accredited partner vendor or via medical doctor under accredited HMO coverage
            c. Seminars, trainings and wellness programs for mental health awareness and management
            d. Usage of leave credits and/or granting of indefinite medical leave, will depend on advised timeline by a licensed mental health professional with supporting related medical records for reference (fit to work clearance, mental health evaluation and/or medical certificate, etc.)
            e. Any violation with the rules set out in this policy and any relevant policies and standards may result in disciplinary action. The company’s Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook and Table of Offenses shall be followed for such violations, taking into account the severity of the violation when deciding on a course of action.

      2.4 Non-discrimination
            a. Job Security – no employee will be subject for termination or non-promotion unless proven unfit to work as advised by a licensed mental health professional with verified medical records (fit to work clearance, mental health evaluation and/or medical certificate, etc.)

3.0 Confidentiality
This policy protects employees and their privacy to the fullest extent of the law.
      3.1 Disclosure through informed and documented consent is encouraged from employees for the company to offer, assist and provide support depending on the employee’s needs regarding their mental health issue.
      3.2 Exception for the confidentiality will be considered based on below:
            a. Disclose is required by law or pursuant to an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction;
            b. Employee has expressed consent to the disclosure;
            c. A life-threatening emergency exists and such disclosure is necessary to prevent harm or injury to the service user or other persons;
            d. Disclosure is required in condition with an administrative, civil, or criminal case against a mental health professional ethics, to the extent necessary to completely adjudicate, settle, or resolve any issue or controversy involved therein.
      3.3 All sensitive personal data/information of an employee pertaining to their mental health condition will be bound by the rules of confidentiality and/or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

4.0 Provision
      4.1 The Company shall establish mental health awareness programs for all current and prospective employees regardless of rank and status. Employees will be required to undergo and participate to the programs on mental health awareness and management to ease the stigma on discrimination and misinformation:
            a. as part of the regular and scheduled new hire orientation curriculum for new hires
            b. a bi-annual awareness program, in the form of either an activity, seminar or digitally shared information, for all existing employees
            c. mandatory course of the policy via Moodle for New hire employees – to complete course within 30 days from date of hire
            d. mandatory course update of the policy – to be completed within 2 weeks from release of update
            e. annual (December of every year) refresher course of or quiz on the policy via Moodle/Survey Monkey/activity
            f. regular internal communications released for all team members’ reference and guide
      g. offered mental health awareness and management classes (related seminars, webinars and/or courses)
      h. knowledge base resources for mental health awareness/management guides and availment process through the company’s accredited HMO provider

      4.2 Leave Usage/Indefinite Leave of Absence
            a. Paid Days Off
                  ● Employee may use their paid days off in case prolonged leave is advised by an accredited medical doctor
            b. Indefinite Leave
                  ● An employee may apply for an extended/ indefinite leave and not necessarily have their paid days off be exhausted for it to be approved given that a recommendation from a licensed mental health professional was provided
                  ● Employee must provide official medical records (fit to work clearance, mental health evaluation and/or medical certificate) indicating duration of leave as supporting documents on the application of the indefinite leave for their Supervisor/Manager’s approval and reference of the P&T and F&A Teams.
                 ● A Leave of Absence form (LOA) is to be endorsed to the P&T and F&A Teams for notification, during this time, employee’s salary for the affected payroll period will be on hold until notice of return is received
                 ● Notice of return should be sent by the employee’s Supervisor/Manager to P&T and F&A Teams for the reinstatement of their account and status in the payroll system

5.0 Responsibility

      5.1 Supervisor/Manager
            a. To be proactive and to support their team members and encourage them to be open about their mental health issue/concerns through one-on-one coaching sessions, whether a formal or an informal setting.
            b. Coordinate with P&T Team in case any of their members expressed an intent to seek assistance or any of the offered support from Infinit-O regarding their mental health concern
            c. Securing of documented consent from the employee and endorsement to P&T for reference

      5.2 Employee
            a. To disclose their intent and seek support from their Supervisor/Manager/P&T Team about their mental health condition via documented consent
            b. Cooperate and follow through chosen support and advise of accredited medical doctor/counselor
            c. Secure and disclose their medical records/doctor’s recommendation through documented consent as reference for the support needed

      5.3 People Operations and Transformation Team
            a. To lay out and facilitate mental health programs that will aid employees to reduce bias and misconception towards openness regarding mental health issues
            b. Assist employees who would like to avail of the offered support by IO and coordinate with appropriate partners for proper endorsement as needed

6.0 Management Action
For current employees, the following procedures shall be followed as management action for employees who disclosed their mental health issue/concern:
      6.1 The employee will be provided options for the support they would like to avail, this may determine:
            a. Appropriate consultation, counselling or therapy sessions needed by the employee
            b. If employee can or would be able to continue with work while having their mental health concern addressed through chosen avenue of support
            c. Duration of indefinite leave if advised by an accredited medical doctor
      6.2 Results, recommendations and updates regarding the employee’s consultation will be provided by the concerned employee to P&T together with their documented consent as reference in case further support is needed.

      6.3 P&T shall in turn ensure that the information will be made known only to the following:
            a. concerned employee
            b. people allowed by the employee to know as documented in the employee’s documented consent.

      6.4 Depending on the assessments/results of the employee, they will be required to provide a medical or fit to work clearance to ensure that they are able to continue working and it will not be detrimental to their health.
      6.5 In cases that an unfit to work clearance was given to the employee and an extended leave is needed, accumulated paid days off may be used or opt to apply for an indefinite leave (refer to with the following requirements and their Manager’s approval:
            a. Filled out LOA Form
            b. Consultation Results/Doctor’s recommendations
            c. Any medical document related with advised number of days to be indicated

      6.6 Upon return to work and/or after the prescribed period of rest/medication, the concerned employee should provide a medical/fit to work clearance to their Supervisor/Manager and P&T Team.
      6.7 For employees that will not be able to follow through with their program or discontinue it and/or their employment without prior notice, their direct Supervisor or Manager must inform P&T and initiate a RTWO request. Once received, P&T will send out a medical request letter to the employee before proceeding.
      a. This will serve as a supporting document regarding the employee being unable to continue with work due to their mental health status, the following process and documents are to be secured by the employee
                  6.7.a.1 Undergo medical/mental examinations and obtain a certification from a competent/licensed public or private mental health authority
                  6.7.a.2 Medical record indicating nature or state of their mental health condition
                  6.7.a.3 Treatments/Therapies undergone on the past three to six (3-6) months
                  6.7.a.4 Medical clearance and/or unfit to work

      b. The medical request will be sent to the member through their personal email and residence address via courier, based on company record.
      c. A duration of 30 days from date of sending or confirmed receipt will be given to the employee to respond and provide the requested document.
      d. In case that the member fails to respond and/or comply with providing the requested documents after the 30 days period, process for RTWO will be followed.
      e. If the employee is able to provide the requested documents and are proven to be unfit to work, the employee may opt to apply for the indefinite leave if they still wish to continue with their employment or request for it to be terminated by following the process for separation.
      f. Members that are proven to be fit to work but do not wish to return to work will be endorsed for due process and follow RTWO guidelines.

7.0 Reference
      7.1 Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11036 (The Mental Health Act)
      7.2 Department Order 208-20, Guidelines for the Implementation of Mental Health Workplace Policies and Programs for the Private Sector
      7.3 Attendance Policy
      7.4 Paid Days Off Policy
      7.5 Separation Policy
      7.6 Asset Retrieval Policy
      7.7 RTWO Policy
      7.8 Code of Conduct
      7.9 Employee Handbook
      7.10 Table of Offenses

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