Lost & Found Policy

Lost & Found Policy

CPP-HR_0305_V1_Lost & Found

 C. Malay

1.0 Objective
To ensure that any items which are reported lost and/or found will be properly located and/or returned to the owner and/or be disposed of by Infinit-O. This also aims to establish the protocol to identify responsible teams to act and address any major loss situation.

2.0 Scope
This policy shall apply to all team members.

3.0 Provisions

      3.1 General Guidelines
            3.1.1 “Lost property” means any unattended, abandoned, misplaced or forgotten item, including but not limited to, office equipment such as laptops, speakers, webcams, license stickers, LCD screens and other IT items, jewelry, bags, mobile phone, documents, purse and any other personal belongings, which are found within the boundaries of Infinit-O Office pending the identification of a rightful owner, or appropriate disposal thereof.
            3.1.2 Infinit-O assets include any of the following but not limited to, IT equipment, software licenses, furniture and electrical appliances, office equipment and other items that have value to the company.
            3.1.3 Infinit-O assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any personal belonging left unattended on Infinit-O property that ma result to consequent loss, under any circumstance, including theft, vandalism, o malicious mischief, of such belonging. However, HR Team may assist in
trying to locate the lost item.
            3.1.4 Lost Infinit-O assets shall be placed under the Code of Conduct procedure.
            3.1.5 An external party, such as barangay officials, police, NBI or detective agency, may be used to assist in the investigation and retrieval of the lost company asset.
            3.1.6 Any team member who is given a company laptop and/or company mobile phones or other company assets must not leave any equipment unattended in the office especially after a shift. If any of these items are required to be left in the office, said item/s must be endorsed to IT Team for safekeeping.

4.0 Responsibility
      4.1 HR-VP and the HR-ER Team are responsible for initiating an investigation and/or ensuring found items are stored properly.
      4.2 Witnesses are expected to cooperate during the investigation.
      4.3 IT Team is required to assist in safekeeping any found items, especially when a case happens during night shift, and must submit the found item to HR-ER.
      4.4 SSP Team is responsible for disposal of found but unclaimed items.

5.0 Frequency
      5.1 Lost Situation: Investigation must commence with 24 hours upon receipt of the report.
      5.2 Found Item Situation: Locating the rightful owner must be done within 7 days.

6.0 Distribution
F&A Team
SSP Team

7.0 Usage

      7.1 Lost Item Situation:
            7.1.1 Anyone who notices a lost valuable company asset must immediately report tthe situation to HR Team upon discovery of the item.
            7.1.2 HR Team must address the situation within 24 hours by initiating an initial investigation and when necessary, implement lifting of fingerprints through a third party.
            7.1.3 Lost valuable company asset must be reported by the HR Team to the nearest police station and implement procedures as recommended by the third party within 24 hours.
            7.1.4 Simultaneously, HR Team must request for incident reports, generate pertinent records such as proximity records, CCTV records and analyze all information to come up with internal preliminary investigation findings.
            7.1.5 A team member may report a loss of a personal item within 24 hours to HR Team who shall assist the subject team member to locate the lost item by sending an email blast to everyone upon receipt of the report.
            7.1.6 A team member who loses a personal item may have the option to file a police report as a means of documentation that can be used in an investigation and form part of any evidence in case a suspect is identified.

      7.2 Found Item Situation:
            7.2.1 Anyone who finds an unattended item must immediately surrender the subject item to HR Team upon its discovery and state the date, hour, place where the item is found and name of other people who witness the discovery of the unattended item.
            7.2.2 HR Team must issue a receipt of the surrendered item and file a report.
            7.2.3 HR Team shall endeavor to find the rightful owner of the found item within seven (7) days.
            7.2.4 In case no HR Team member is around, the found item must be reported and surrendered to IT Team.
            7.2.5 IT Team shall keep the item for no longer than 24 working hours, after which the item must be surrendered to HR.
            7.2.6 HR Team shall keep the item for thirty (30) days after which will be disposed of in coordination with SSP Team.
            7.2.7 SSP Team shall pool all unclaimed items and sells the items either to the team members or to junk shops.
            7.2.8 SSP shall remit the money earned from the sale of the unclaimed items.

8.0 References
Table of Offenses
Code of Conduct

9.0 Records
Incident Reports
Proximity Log Records
CCTV Reports

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