IT Service Request Process

IT Service Request Process

Ref. No.: CPP-IT-0204_V1_IT Service Request Process.doc 
W. Cundangan

1.0 Objective  
To provide guidance for all Infinit-O team members on how to avail of IT services and report issues. 

2.0 Scope 
This process covers the procedure for requesting IT related services. Includes but is not limited to: 
  1. Access setup/suspension/revocation 
    1. Computer/Domain Login 
    2. Email 
    3. Instant Messengers 
    4. Web access 
    5. Password Changes
    6. Proximity 
    7. Biometrics 
  2. IT Hardware setup/replacement/support 
    1. CPU 
    2. Keyboards
    3. Monitor
    4. Mouse
    5. Phone
    6. Headset
  3. Software related request 
    1. Setup 
    2. New requirements 
    3. Configuration 
    4. Removal 
  4. File related request 
    1. Archive 
    2. Backup 
    3. Restoration 
    4. CCTV Recordings 
    5. Attendance logs (Proximity/Biometrics) 
    6. Call recordings 
    7. File downloads o USB file transfers 
  5. Network Services 
    1. Internet access 
    2. Printers 
    3. Fax 
    4. Scanners 
  6. General IT support services and inquiry 
  7. Escalations 
  8. Reporting of IT related incidents/issues 

3.0 Provisions

4.0 Responsibility
4.1 It is the responsibility of the customer/requestor to send the request via IT ticketing systems. 
4.2 Immediate supervisor and Managers are responsible for the approval of user request as necessary. 
4.3 IT helpdesk/IT Staff is responsible for the categorization, prioritization, notification, classification, support, fulfillment and closing of customer ticket request. IT is also responsible in escalating to relevant departments, partners, clients or 3rd parties as needed. 
4.4 3rd Party Entities, Partners, Other Infinit-O Departments or Clients is responsible for providing additional support as per escalation. 
4.5 IT Manager is responsible for the any additional review/approval required.

5.0 Frequency
5.1 This process is triggered as the need arises 

6.0 Distribution
6.1 IT Team 
6.2 Infinit-o team members

7.0 Usage
7.1 Request for Services and Reporting of Incidents 
7.1.1 Infinit-O team members are to log in to 
7.1.2 Click on Support button 
7.1.3 Select Information Technology on the department field department 
7.1.4 Fill up Subject Field 
7.1.5 Attached any necessary files 
7.1.6 Fill up the message with the relevant details (expected results, Supplementary information) 
7.1.7 In the event that the myHR platform is not reachable, team members can opt to email IT through Note: team members that filed tickets through myHR will be given priority. 
7.1.8 In the event that the team member cannot request via the myHr systems or is unable to send emails due to network issues, team members are advised to call IT through the local hotline or proceed to the server room area to physically report their issues/requirements. (all phone and physical request will be recorded via the ticketing systems accordingly)
7.2 Ticket Acknowledgement 
7.2.1 Once a ticket is received by the system, an automated ticket reply will be sent out to validate that the ticketing platform has received the request and the issue/request is logged accordingly.
7.3 Ticket Prioritization 
7.3.1 IT will identify, categorize and prioritize the request accordingly Low-priority incidents are those that do not interrupt users or the business and can be worked around. Services to users and customers can be maintained. Medium-priority incidents affect a few staff and interrupt work to some degree. Customers may be slightly affected or inconvenienced. High-priority incidents affect a large number of users or customers, interrupt business, and affect service delivery. These incidents almost always have a financial impact
7.3.2 IT will manually send a manual acknowledgement receipt to set expectation in terms of SLA.
7.4 Service Request 
7.4.1 A ticket identified as a service request may be pre-approved or may need additional approval. (See Approval) 
7.4.2 In the event that a specific ticket requires additional escalation, IT will initiate the necessary escalation and will inform the requestor. 
7.4.3 Once the support/transaction is completed, IT will inform the requesting party and will request for validation/confirmation of completion and will set the ticket to auto-close within 24 hours. 
7.4.4 IT will manually close the ticket once the requesting party confirms within 24 hours. 
7.4.5 In the event that the requesting party fails to confirm within 24 hours, the ticket will be auto closed and tagged as completed. 
7.4.6 Tickets where IT team members have requested additional information and not responded within 24 hours may be subject to automatic closing based on the nature of the requirements.
7.5 Approval 
7.5.1 In the event that the request requires additional approval from managers IT will notify the requestor to secure approval prior to continuing with the transaction. 
7.5.2 The following (but not limited to) items will require approval. IT reserves the right to request for additional approval if needed. Additional software install Additional access to network services (Printers/Scanners/Fax) Additional access to Internet websites Access to WIFI Access to other doors (new area or out of schedule access) Gmail access to mobile devices New hardware request (Phones/headsets/webcams) Computer/Laptop upgrades/replacement CCTV access.
7.5.3 The IT manager/Director may revoke or pre-approve certain request if deemed necessary.
7.6 Incident Management 
7.6.1 In the event that a ticket is identified to be a major incident or system outage IT team member will send announcements to affected operations managers and VP’s and or customers. 
7.6.2 For incidents that requires additional escalation, IT will initiate the necessary escalation and coordinate as necessary
7.6.3 IT team will announce updates every 2 hours or when new updates comes in, depending on the impact of the incident until the incident is resolved or a work around is provided. 
7.6.4 Once the incident is resolved IT will send a formal announcement and set the ticket to auto-close within 24 hours 
7.6.5 IT will send a post mortem report to the affected Operations Managers and VP’s once all information are completed.
7.7 Feedback 
7.7.1 Once the ticket is closed (either manually or automatically), the system will send a feedback request form where the requesting party may participate to further help improve the service.

8.0 Records
8.1 Tickets – Ticketing systems 

9.0 References

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