IT Asset End User Deployment

IT Asset End User Deployment

Ref. No.: CPP-IT-0205_V3_IT Asset End User Deployment.doc 
W. Cundangan

1.0 Objective  
To establish the procedures in IT asset purchase and deployment. 

2.0 Scope
This procedure covers the process on IT asset purchase and deployment. 

3.0 Responsibility
3.1 The IT Team Manager is responsible for the initiation and approval purchase of any IT asset in reference to the current approval matrix. 
3.2 Support Services and Procurement Team is responsible for the sourcing and purchase of the IT asset. 
3.3 The IT Team is responsible for the deployment of the IT asset to team members.

4.0 Frequency
4.1 This process is done on a per need basis. 

5.0 Distribution
5.1 IT Team 
5.2 Support Services and Procurement Team 
5.3 Finance and Account Team 
5.4 Team members

6.0 Usage
6.1 Request, Identification and Approval 
6.1.1 Any request for additional IT asset aside from the standard setup shall require approval from team members’ immediate Managers and/or Vice President or Client and may be subject for billing if necessary. 
6.1.2 Approved request shall be forwarded to the IT team. Additional approval may also be required and requested by the IT team if deemed necessary. 
6.1.3 Any request that requires procurement will be subject to the current procurement process and will be initiated by the IT team.
6.2 Procurement 
6.2.1 Please refer to the current procurement process 
6.2.2 Any items received that is inspected to be of incorrect specification or is not usable upon testing shall be returned back to the vendor care of SSP.
6.3 Deployment 
6.3.1 IT team will prepare a pullout form and fill it up with the details of the item for deployment 
6.3.2 Team members will need to check the items and sign the pullout form. 
6.3.3 A copy of the signed Pullout form shall be kept by the IT team for record keeping.
6.4 Return of items  
6.4.1 Team members that will be surrendering/returning IT assets should notify and only transact with IT team members. 
6.4.2 IT will retrieve the copy of the pull out form relative to the returned asset. 
6.4.3 IT will inspect the returned assets and sign the pullout form and mark as retuned for record keeping. 
6.4.4 Returned items will then be added back to IT inventory for later use.

7.0 Records
7.1 Purchase Request 
7.2 Pull-out Form
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