Internship Policy

Internship Policy

CPP-HR_0701_Internship Policy
18 AUGUST 2021


1.     Objective

1.1. To provide the necessary structure for the implementation of an internship program in INFINIT-O and to outline responsibilities and ensure interns have a productive stay with the company.

          1.2.   To provide an excellent Internship Program for young students and graduates.

2.     Scope

2.1. It is the practice of INFINIT-O to attract and retain employees and interns based on their skills, aptitudes, experience, development, performance, potential, and education and training as prescribed in the job description of each job classification. At INFINIT-O we offer equal employment opportunities to all persons without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or marital status. In order to attract future employees and interns, and assist in their development, INFINIT-O is implementing an internship program for High School, College and University students. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the employment process, including the selection and assignment of Interns into temporary assignments.

3.     Provisions

          3.1.     What is an internship

An internship is a commitment to provide short-term supervised work experience usually related to a student’s specific field of study or career aspirations. It is a combination of practical work experience and structured learning experience through specific briefs aimed at achieving identified objectives.

          3.2.     What is an intern

An intern is a trainee who has signed on with an organization for a brief period. An intern’s goal is to gain work experience, occasionally some university credit, and always an overall feel for the industry they are interning in.


          3.3.     What an intern needs

3.3.1. Interns need to develop intentional learning objectives, and goals that are structured into the experience.

3.3.2. Supervision by a manager or a mentor with relevant and related background in the field.

3.3.3. Continuous monitoring, observation, reflection, and evaluation are provided by their supervisor to encourage their personal development, and future career plan, and to ensure added value and enhancement of INFINIT-O’s reputation.

                   3.3.4. Interns need to be adequately supported to ensure excellence.

                   3.3.5. Positive experience for Interns.

          3.4.     What an internship is not:

                     3.4.1.     Free help

                     3.4.2.     Meant to replace an employee.

                     3.4.3.      More than 20% menial tasks (filing, covering phone, errands).

          3.5.     Types of Interns:

                     3.5.1. Infinit-o opens both its virtual and physical doors to local and international interns alike.

          3.6.     Budget:

3.6.1. Authorization for paid internships must be approved by the Vice President for People Operations and Transformation, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

3.6.2. Pay related exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case exception basis by the Vice President for People Operations and Transformation.

3.6.3. The hiring department’s budget will be used for the payment of Interns allowance and bonuses if any.

          3.7.    Benefits of an Internship Program for employers:

3.7.1. One of the more significant advantages to providing internships is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent. You have the opportunity to evaluate and select potential employees prior to making have-reported converting more than half of eligible interns into full-time a full time position offer, which leads to financial savings. Employers hires. If hired in a permanent position, previous interns assimilate faster to their new roles and have shorter learning curves than external hires. Additionally, Interns can: Provide freedom for professional staff to pursue creative or more advanced projects.

                      Increase staff retention rate. Assist an organization in application of the latest strategies and techniques in the field. Maintain connections with colleges and increase visibility on campus.

                      Promote community involvement, excellent public relations tool.

                      Recruit other students and generate enthusiasm.

                      Create awareness of the field for future hires.

                      Give to the community by teaching the prospective workforce.

          3.8.     Intern Request Form:

3.8.1. Requests for interns shall be made using the intern requisition form in Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

          3.9.     Recruitment

3.9.1. Interns will be chosen from a pool of candidates provided by high schools, colleges, universities, and employment websites. If there are no qualified interns in the pool to fill requests, the human resources department will attempt to find qualified students through contacting various high schools, colleges and universities.

3.9.2. An offer may only be extended by the human resources department contingent on an applicant passing all applicable pre- and post-offer screening.

3.9.3. Reference Checks: References regarding previous employment, academic standing, school records, etc., may be checked by the human resources department on all applicants.

3.9.4. Background checks: human resources may conduct background checks for applicants who are being considered. These checks may include, but are not limited to social security checks, statewide and national criminal background checks and educational checks.

3.9.5. Knowingly providing fraudulent or false statements on any application or examination may be deemed cause for the exclusion of such application from consideration or for terminating the internship.

3.9.6. The human resources department may administer various tests designed to measure a candidate's skills, aptitude, and potential for successful work performance.


        3.10.     Selection

                  3.10.1.      All selection decisions shall be based on the match of the applicant’s declared degree concentration and prior related experience and/or employment, to the requirements of the respective job assignment.

3.10.2. The human resources department will screen the applications for minimum requirements and will forward only qualified applicants for interviews.

3.10.3. Interviews for applicants, who meet the minimum requirements, will be coordinated to the requesting department.

3.10.4. The department manager will not make any job offer or salary offer to any applicant. After the interview has been completed, the interviewer will inform the applicant that all further communication regarding the selection process and the applicant's status will be conducted by the human resources department. Hiring an Intern will be a mirror image of the process when hiring a regular full-time employee in any other position.

3.10.5. Prior to the Intern’s start date, the department manager shall submit a completed intern development plan and receive approval of such plan from the human resources department. In addition, both the Intern and the department manager will sign the intern program agreement form.

3.10.6. Authorization for paid internships must be approved by the Vice President for People Operations and Transformation., and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Pay related exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case exception basis by the Vice President for People Operations and Transformation.

        3.11.     Post-Placement

3.11.1. After the intern has been placed, the host department will abide by any of the requirements from the respective college or university.

3.11.2. As per the intern development plan, interns will be given challenging assignments that will enhance their professional development.

3.11.3. The manager will update the progress on the intern development plan at the 4 weeks point.

3.11.4. The manager will complete the Internship performance feedback form at the end of the internship period or as needed and forward this form to the internship program manager.

3.11.5. The intern will complete the intern section of the development plan at the end of the internship period and forward this form to the Internship Program Manager.

        3.12.     Agreements: Intern and Supervisor

3.12.1.     The purpose of the Interns and Supervisor agreement is to specifically outline fundamental responsibilities and to facilitate the communication of those responsibilities for both parties. Particular attention should be paid  to  the      consequences         of       the  Intern  not      meeting         these requirements.

3.12.2. Initiating both the student internship program agreement and the supervisor internship program agreement is necessary before the intern can begin his/her internship. These documents must be completed no later than by the end of the Intern’s first day.

3.12.3. The intern should receive a copy of his/her student internship program agreement.

        3.13.     Internship conditions:

3.13.1. Interns may begin their internship only after they have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Internship Program. An internship agreement will be issued by the Human Resources Division before their commencement date.

3.13.2. The number of internships granted every year depends on the company’s needs

3.13.3. The period of an internship is specified by the school. The internship contract issued by the intern’s university stipulates the dates and period of the internship, as it is directly connected to the student’s course of study.

3.13.4. An Intern is not considered to be a member of staff of INFINIT-O, therefore any privileges accorded to permanent employees do not apply to Interns.


4.     Responsibility

          4.1.     Obligations of the Intern

4.1.1.     The Intern will demonstrate willingness to participate fully and actively in the learning experience by planning their program of work with their manager.

4.1.2. An Intern is required to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will not be detrimental to the image and standing of INFINIT-O

4.1.3. INFINIT-O reserves the right to terminate an internship if the required standards of behavior and code of conduct are not met.

4.1.4. An Intern is required to keep confidential all information including unpublished information made known to him/her during the period of internship.

4.1.5. At the end of the internship program, the Intern will fill out an evaluation form and have an exit interview.

4.1.6. An intern is expected to actively engage regularly with their manager to discuss their progress.

                  4.1.7. The Intern is required to work within the regulations and rules as applicable to them in the staff handbook.

          4.2.     What managers need to do

                  4.2.1. Balance the intern’s learning goals with the organization’s needs

4.2.2. Monitor and evaluate interns for academic credit, and progress at INFINIT-O.

                  4.2.3. Provides adequate supervision in a reasonably safe environment with the necessary tools to perform the learning goals agreed upon for the duration of the internship

4.2.4. Create a list of learning goals the intern hopes to complete, to serve as an academic and professional roadmap for the intern’s semester/time with the organization.


          4.3.     Obligations of INFINIT-O

4.3.1. INFINIT-O       will      provide  the      Intern  with    a  conducive     working environment and working space.

4.3.2. Depending on the agreement between the intern and the manager during the interview, INFINIT-O may provide requisite equipment for the intern, or he/she may be asked to bring his/her own devices.

4.3.3. If it’s a paid internship INFINIT-O will compensate the Intern for the duration of the Internship. The compensation can be accorded daily, bi-weekly, or monthly. This should be agree upon in the Internship agreement prior to the start of the internship.

4.3.4. The manager assigned and the internship program manager will review progress on performance and learning regularly, record such meetings and feed findings into the final internship evaluation.

5.     Frequency

5.1. The internship program at INFINIT-O is designed as an ongoing activity, running throughout the year.

5.2. The frequency of internships during a calendar year will depend upon the convenience of INFINIT-O needs and manager’s requests.

6.     Distribution

          6.1.     Team Leaders

          6.2.     Managers

          6.3.     Human Resources

7.     References

          7.1.     Intern’s Request Form

          7.2. Job Description

          7.3. Intern’s Development Plan template

          7.4. Intern Performance Evaluation Template

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