Internal Communication Policy

Internal Communication Policy

Company Policy & Procedure Manual Internal Communication Policy

Ref. No.: CPP-HR_0501








C. Baroma

12 Feb 2024


R. Tan


CPP-HR_0501_V3_Internal Communication Policy


Approval Date

Prepared By


Approved by


23 April 2018

Pia Gregorio

Version 1.0

C. Baclayo


1 February 2021

M. Martinez

  • 3.0

  • 4.1 – 4.2

  • 5.0

  • 6.0

F. Lenoir


12 February 2024

C. Baroma

  • 4.0

  • 5.0

  • 6.0

R. Tan

  1. Objective

To provide employees with the information to carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively through appropriate communication which is provided in different channels. Enhancing and streamlining internal communications to reinforce IO’s vision and strategic priorities. This involves ensuring that information disseminated to staff is relevant, easy to access, accurate, and appropriate in both content and quantity.

  1. Scope

This policy applies to all identified target audiences.

  1. Distribution

We recognize that our team members are a diverse group, differing in:

  • Working hours (full-time/part-time and shift patterns)

  • Type of work (department/service line verticals)

  • Location

  • Job roles within the organization

  • Levels of knowledge, skill, perception, understanding, experience etc.

  1. Methods of communication:

We ensure that communication methods are appropriate to the different audiences noted above.

  1. Our primary method of communication, whenever possible, will be face-to-face - as this is consistently shown by research to be the most effective way of improving performance and morale.

  2. We will use appropriate electronic means of communication such as Email, Workplace, IO social media accounts and IO website.

  1. Communication Matrix 


  1. Coverage and Responsibilities

  1. All Team Members – receive Internal Announcements from HR-ER, REC, Sales and Marketing, SSP, F&A, and IT.

  2. Supervisors – receives Internal Announcements from HR-ER, REC, Sales and Marketing, SSP, F&A and IT. Receives Leaders Events, Leaders required announcements and meetings.

  3. Mancom – sends out an announcement to All IO members.

  4. Execom/ELT – sends out internal communications; receives confidential communications; internal announcements from HR ER, REC, Sales and Marketing, SSP, F&A, and IT.

  5. All systems, proprietary information, data provided, stored, created, deletion in the company’s devices and on corporate systems, shall remain under the responsibility of IT – DISTRO LIST (see Annex A).

  1. Implementation and Review

This policy will be implemented based on identified information, audience, channel, and frequency which will be reviewed and updated annually.



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