Asset Retrieval Policy

Asset Retrieval Policy

Ref. No.: CPP-SSP-0303_Asset Retrieval 
S. Orbon
D. Ong

1.0     Objective  
Asset Retrieval Policy aims to set guidelines to ensure proper retrieval of accountability issued to all members. 

2.0 Scope This policy applies to all team members 

3.0 Provisions 
3.1 General Guidelines 
3.2 Infinit-O Asset Retrieval Policy will be included with the Acceptance letter (Acknowledgement notification for Resigning employees). 
3.3 Operations must discuss the guidelines to all members who will fall under this status: 
3.3.1 Resigned 
3.3.2 Terminated 
3.3.3 Floating status
3.4 The IT team must ensure that the list of accountabilities of all team members is accurate. 
3.5 The SSP team must provide documentation via email detailing the items that were received. 
3.6 The F&A team will deduct damages that were identified during pick up and damages on the equipment noted by IT 48 hours upon receipt of the equipment. The cost to be charged is based on the repair cost or replacement cost quoted by current IO suppliers. 
3.7 If the employee who is on AWOL does not respond 5 days after sending the notice of termination, a police report will be filed to retrieve the item.
4.0 Responsibility 
4.1 IT 
4.1.1 Upon receipt of revoke access notification, IT should send the employees accountabilities to SSP, HR, and Operations. 
4.1.2 48 hours from the receipt of item in the office, IT should provide the employee acknowledgement that all items are received and in order or inform employee of any device, hardware, or system that is damaged. 
4.1.3 If any damage was identified, IT should be copying SSP and Finance, in the email to the employee, to inform them about the damage on the equipment and to provide the relevant cost of replacement or repair that will be deducted from the employees’ final pay.
4.2 SSP 
4.2.1 Assets Surrendered in the Office SSP will receive the items in the office, and make sure the items in the accountability form sent by IT are complete. In cases where the items are incomplete SSP should note the items that are missing and have the employee sign it off. Send a photo of the accountability form identifying items that were received and not received.
4.2.2 Assets Retrieved by SSP SSP team will receive the delivery details like mobile number and address from HR. SSP team will connect to the employee to verify delivery details either through email or phone call. SSP team and the shuttle driver will send a sms to the employee on the day of pick up and when the driver is already on its way. Upon receipt of the computer equipment, SSP team will take a photo of the items surrendered and ensure that all the items in the accountability sheet is complete noting any items that are not surrendered by the employee. 
4.3 HR 
4.3.1 AWOL/Floating/Terminated HR will coordinate with the employee regarding the process of returning of company items/equipment through the Notice of Termination HR is responsible to advise SSP once assets from a separated employee is already subject for retrieval HR to monitor timeline of two (2) weeks from when Notice of Termination was sent 
4.4 Finance and Administration To compute for liabilities of the employee caused by: 
4.4.1 Damages 
4.4.2 Unreturned Equipment 
4.4.3 Penalty fee for delays in returning company equipment / items computed as follows. 
4.4.4 (Total cost of Equipment / 36 months) / 21 days.
4.5 Operations 
4.5.1 Employee (Resigned) Resigned employees should be returning the company issued equipment and assets between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays Employees can expect to receive clearance from IT within 48 hours from the time the equipment was accepted if everything is in good and working condition. Employee will be charged with penalty fee for each day delayed after the initial 2 weeks period in returning of items Employee to secure and provide Affidavit of lost for any missing items (ID, Yubikey) together with the other returned company items/equipment. Expenses for delivery of items/equipment to be returned will be shouldered by the employee if via courier. Expense for any damaged item/equipment will be shouldered by the employee once proven that damage/s were incurred during employee’s employment. Employee has an option to wait until the equipments being returned are fully checked by IT to ensure that he/she will be cleared from damage of equipment.
5.0 Distribution 
Team member 
HR Team 
F&A Team 
SSP Team 
IT Team

6.0 References 
Revocation and Activation 
IT Deployment and Replacement Process for Approval 
IT Testing Process
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