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    • Payroll Policy for New Hires

      1.0 Objective The objective of this policy is to ensure a clear and consistent process for payroll distribution for new hires (Project-based, Consultant, and Probationary employees), specifying the timelines based on their hire date to facilitate ...
    • CPP-SSP-0602_Travel_Policy_V3

    • CPP-IT-0203_Teleworking and Mobile Device Policy_V1.1

    • Internal Communication Policy

      Company Policy & Procedure Manual Internal Communication Policy Ref. No.: CPP-HR_0501 Version 3.0 Page 1 Of 6 Prepared C. Baroma 12 Feb 2024 Approved R. Tan Filename CPP-HR_0501_V3_Internal Communication Policy Version Approval Date Prepared By ...
    • Transfer Policy

      Version Approval Date Author Changes Approved by 3 Y. Rualo ● 3.0 ● 4.2 ● 5.4 R. Tan 1.0 Objective To establish procedures for the transfer of an employee team member from one position and/or team to another. 2.0 Scope This procedure covers the ...